Friday, July 20, 2012

Dog Beach and Good Coffee


Now that I'm in vacation mode I've really been taking advantage of my time here!

Sebastian and I began our day at Dog Beach, found a great quiet spot and settled down to play some ball and jump in the water. It was a beautiful day and it was fun to see everyone walk down the beach with their dogs jumping in the water along the way. Sebastian braved the water to rescue his ball a couple of times and began to be a little more comfortable throughout the day.

Credit: Melissa Lehuta
Credit: Melissa Lehuta
Credit: Melissa Lehuta

After dog beach, I took my friend Nicole's suggestion to hit Cafe 976 in Pacific Beach. Thank God for a decent cup of coffee...finally! Thank you Nicole! I've noticed people don't really drink coffee around here and when they do, it's Starbucks (which is fine) but I've really been craving a cup from someone who puts a little more artistry into their work as a barista. I wasn't super hungry so I ordered a 16oz. Nine-Seven-Six (a white chocolate & hazelnut latte, $3.95) and a slice of the gluten-free coffee cake ($2.35).

Credit: Melissa Lehuta
Credit: Melissa Lehuta

For being gluten and dairy free, the coffee cake was moist and delicious, filled with chocolate chips, walnuts, cinnamon, and brown sugar. The latte was perfect and I settled down in my seat on the outside patio and watched two hummingbirds play around in the trees above me. The atmosphere was pleasant, calm and relaxing with soft music, plenty of indoor and outdoor (shaded or sunny) seating and great service. The location itself was an old house turned into a cafe engulfed by trees and plants with brick pathways surrounding the outside.

After a relaxing time at the cafe, I hit Pink Zone (another suggestion from Nicole) because I was in dire need of a pair of shorts. After arriving in San Diego and attempting to fit into the shorts I wore last year during summer, I quickly realized that I'm not a size 2 anymore.

It was getting late and already time for dinner so I met up with Joey at Moondoggies. Overall I wasn't super impressed. The mojito I ordered was so-so, the street tacos I ordered were ok but the pizza was pretty good (a little on the soggy-doughy side but still good). The people and atmosphere reminded me of the bro bars in the U-district in Seattle which didn't exactly add awesome points either.

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