Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Lazy Day


Credit: The Grotto
The next day we visited The Grotto per my friend Krystanne's request. It was beautiful and serene. It was odd to have this little slice of paradise and the natural untouched land lying in the middle of Portland. We walked around, I taught Jodee how to use my medium-format Hasselblad film camera, and we checked out the church. Luckily Jodee noticed that Daniel was wearing his friends band t-shirt (Faithless Saints) before we got too far into the church. Oops!

After The Grotto, Jodee suggested that we check out a couple of art galleries that she had been meaning to visit and just hadn't yet. I was excited to check them out! Our first stop was Martin Waugh's exhibit of Liquid Sculpture.

"Martin's creative uses of high-speed photography make it possible to capture the smooth and effortless curves of liquid, eliciting a childlike sense of fun and whimsy. Interpretations of his work often reveal as much about the viewer as the artist. His images are engaging metaphors for life and are as intriguing to the eye as they are thought provoking."

Credit: Martin Waugh/Liquid Sculpture
Credit: Martin Waugh/Liquid Sculpture

The photos reminded me of some of the stuff we did for Modernist Cuisine and Modernist Cuisine at Home with different liquid splashes.

Our second stop was  Newspace Center for Photography who carry a rotating selection of different photographers. Check out their current exhibit here.

After a long, hot day wandering around Portland, we decided it was time for nachos and margaritas at Matador. Their margarita was pretty good although I was disappointed I couldn't get my drink blended. There are multiple locations which also include Seattle and Redmond. I've been to them all and I always prefer the pork tacos al pastor with a white peach sangria. Yum!

Full tummies, margaritas plus a hot day equal Jodee and Melissa passing out on the couch when we got home. Daniel was sweet enough to let us nap but once we woke up it was back out for drinks and trivia. I don't understand how or why people would want to play trivia while in the process of becoming intoxicated. They don't seem to go together but there were a couple of groups who seemed to do really well and those questions weren't easy!

I have to say, I lived in Portland about 8 or 9 years ago for about a year and a half and I didn't like it much, but after my visit with Jodee and Daniel and them being gracious enough to open up their home and spending their only two days off together to show me another side to Portland, I have a new-found respect for the city and would love to visit again. Thanks guys!

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