Sunday, July 15, 2012

No Luck in San Francisco


Credit: Melissa Lehuta
I left beautiful Sunnyvale to attempt to stay at a hostel in downtown San Francisco and meet up with a friend of a friend Pauly. A good portion of the day was spent waiting for my car to get checked over outside of San Francisco then I continued toward downtown where I got stuck in traffic outside of a toll booth. San Francisco and its tolls!

After over an hour in traffic I finally made it to the hostel downtown. I called ahead of time to make a reservation but was told that I had to come in person to make the reservation and that I should be able to get a spot. Guess what? No more room. I was crushed and was really looking forward to staying in San Francisco a little while but took it as a sign that it was time to go.

Credit: Melissa Lehuta
Credit: Melissa Lehuta
I called Pauly and told him we'd have to meet up some other time (he was a total sweetheart and so understanding!). I really just needed out of that city. I drove as far as I could, but around 11pm I was wiped out and just outside of LA I stopped at a rest stop to sleep. Sebastian and I pretty much have our sleeping/living in the car down and slept like babies.

Credit: Melissa Lehuta
On a positive note, I saw a familiar photo in a Starbucks. Congrats to Ryan Smith (my previous manager)!

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