Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Beginning of a New Adventure

The Modernist Cuisine at Home project is complete and at its end, thus I've made the decision to officially end my job as the Lead Photographer with Modernist Cuisine and Intellectual Ventures and hit the road for awhile for a new adventure.
Officially my last day was Friday, June 29th. My work family threw me a wonderful going away party complete with mojitos, ice cream cake and good company (all of my favorite things!). Their support has been overwhelming in a good way and I've gotten mixed comments from people thinking I'm crazy or brave or stupid but overall people have just been excited for me. I was originally hired on for 3 months which turned into almost 4 years with the company. I love my team like family and I'll miss them all dearly, but it's time to tackle that travel bug!

I will be documenting my journey through this blog as well as doing my best to keep up with my regular blog posts.


  1. Yay Melissa!
    Glad you are on your way!